At Alya Trio, you'll find that luxury permeates every aspect of your house.
Each apartment - ranging from 2-, 3-, 4-bedroom options to 5-bedroom+2-living room duplex and 6-bedroom+2-living room duplex layouts - represents an aesthetically pleasing architectural design coupled with structural features that will facilitate your everyday life.
You will never find anywhere else the joy that you get out of using the rooms of your house, each of which has been built with highest-quality construction materials...

Prepare to get a new life!!

Alya Trio, located at one of the most beautiful parts of Beylikdüzü, is a boutique lifestyle project that stands as an alternative to large and crowded housing project... Offering you the sincerity of the communal living experience only found in a cozy neighborhood where you'll make great friends, Alya Trio reinterprets this neighborhood lifestyle, which we have long missed due to over-urbanization, with its modern architectural design.